Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton (* 11. Dezemba 1926 z Ariton, Alabama, † 25. Juli 1984 z Los Angeles) wor a amerikanische Bluessengarin und Liadschreibarin.

1952 hods „Hound Dog“ vom Jerry Leiber und Mike Stoller afgnumma. Dees Liad wor in de Billboard R&B charts 1953 siebm Wocha lang de Numma oans.[1] De B-Seitn wor "They Call Me Big Mama". De Single is zwoa Milliona Moi vakafft worn.[2] Drei Joar spoda hod aa da Elvis Presley damit an grossn Eafoig ghobt. A weidana grossa Eafoig vo ia wor "Ball 'n' Chain", wo se sejm gschriebm hod.[3] De Janis Joplin hod damit in de spodn 1960a Joar an Riesen-Eafoig gfeiat.

Anno 1984 is de "Big Mama" in de Blues Hall of Fame afgnumma worn und 2006 ia Single "Hound Dog".

Diskographie Bearbeiten

  • 1965 Big Mama Thornton in Europe Arhoolie
  • 1967 Big Mama the Queen at Monterey MCA Records
  • 1968 She's Back
  • 1968 Ball ´n Chain Arhoolie
  • 1969 Stronger Than Dirt
  • 1970 MaybeRoulette Records
  • 1970 The Way It Is [live] Mercury
  • 1973 Saved Pentagram Records
  • 1975 Jail [live] Vanguard
  • 1975 Sassy Mama! [live] Vanguard
  • 1978 Mama's Pride Vanguard
  • 1990 The Original Hound Dog Ace
  • 1992 Hound Dog: The Peacock Recordings MCA
  • 1994 The Rising Sun Collection [live] Just A Memory Records
  • 1998 The Way It Is Mercury
  • 2000 Complete Vanguard Recordings Vanguard ( bestehend aus Jail(1975),Sassy Mama(1975) und Big Mama Swings-bisher unveröffentlicht)
  • 2002 The Rising Sun Collection Just A Memory
  • 2004 Hound Dog: Essential Collection Spectrum Music
  • 2004 With the Muddy Waters Blues Band 1966 [live] Arhoolie
  • 2004 Classics 1950-1953 Classic
  • 2005 Sassy Mama [Justin-Time] [live] Just A Memory Records
  • 2005 They call me Big Mama Proper
  • 2006 Blues Disky
  • 2007 Big Mama Thornton Vanguard Visionaries Vanguard
  • 2008 Mighty Crazy mit Lightnin' Hopkins Snapper
  • Big Mama Thornton & Chicago Band Arhoolie
  • Quit Snoopin' Round My Door Ace
  • Best of the Blues: A Summit Meeting, Recorded Live at Newport in New York

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